Referrals to all services 2015-16
(An increase of 15% on the previous year)
Families supported since the Charity was established Over 5,700
Area Covered
(From Scottish Border to Stainmore and Allonby to Alston)
1,500 square miles
Population 188,000
Number of Staff WTE (Whole Time Equivalent) 33.1
Number of Clinical Staff WTE (Whole Time Equivalent) 23.14
Number of Fundraising, finance, administration and retail Staff WTE (Whole Time Equivalent) 8.96
No member of staff is paid over £60,000
Reserves Policy Aim for no less than 12 months
Annual budgeted expenditure 2016/17 £1,342,700
Percentage of Total Expenditure on Clinical Care in 2015/16 78.26%
The clinical service is regulated by the Health and Social Care Act, 2008 and by the Care Quality Commission.
An annual Quality Account is produced which highlights the year’s achievements and the priorities for the following year in relation to clinical services.